Learn chinese online

most effective way to learn foreign language is online platform or online .here you can watch movie online or listen mp3 of language.there are many free sites i here described for all of you,

you have also convience for your time,because you learn anywhere and everytime…

as you all of know that china is famous for its innovation,culture and technology.you are intrested to know chinese culture deeply then you must learn chinese.

here are free resources available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Following sites are free to learn chinese or mandarin free:

1) www.chineselearnonline.com

2) www.xcn-chinese.com

3) www.luomapinyin.com

4)  www.learnchineseeveryday.com

5) www.mychineselessons.com

6) www.freechineselessons.com

7) www.learnchinese.co.in


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