Easy ways to make money via facebook

Easy Ways to Earn money on Facebook? If you are a Facebook user or have been around social networking sites for a while, you’ve probably heard that! But, is it really possible to make money with facebook? How would you go about making money on facebook. Easy Ways of having huge traffic and earning money from Facebook are the following: 1. You will get traffic making money through Facebook advertisements, however the advertisements have to be excellent and irresistible as it is a social networking so it’s a little interfering. 2. Make an account within the niche of multilevel marketing and take advantage of the profile to advertise yourself being an expert inside your nice release videos which are valuable and may go viral too. Connect your twitter account together with your facebook account. 3. You need to create a profile inside a specific nice like cooking and make a listing of fans within the similar niche after which open an admirer page. You’ll be able to build a listing from that or advertise Offers of cpa marketing or ClickBank offers but building a listing is the greatest idea. 4. Some CPA entrepreneurs are earning a great money via a lucrative way form Facebook is programs, you can buy Facebook programs from around $5 to 1000′s of dollars so when they’re going viral the ones begin to such as the application, your CPA profits will maximize. As lengthy while you begin from the effective position having a specific focus and brand in your mind, that you can do perfectly by testing using the advantages which can be found by Facebook. Take your personal time to develop a great network of buddies and be confident that you feel popular to be a specialist inside your specific circle of great interest.


Learn chinese online

most effective way to learn foreign language is online platform or online .here you can watch movie online or listen mp3 of language.there are many free sites i here described for all of you,

you have also convience for your time,because you learn anywhere and everytime…

as you all of know that china is famous for its innovation,culture and technology.you are intrested to know chinese culture deeply then you must learn chinese.

here are free resources available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Following sites are free to learn chinese or mandarin free:

1) www.chineselearnonline.com

2) www.xcn-chinese.com

3) www.luomapinyin.com

4)  www.learnchineseeveryday.com

5) www.mychineselessons.com

6) www.freechineselessons.com

7) www.learnchinese.co.in

Foreign language learning – FREE RESOURCES

valodas – free language learning software- WWW.VALODAS.COM

The best way to learn foreign languages.

There are a lot of dictionaries available for download or you can create dictionary yourself. Before watching a movie or reading a book you should import subtitle file or book text file in valodas to learn unknown words.


word learning (auto and manual mode)

word repetition

word spelling

flash cards

word group learning (level, book our movie)

auto group level creating (based on how often a word is in the text)


editable dictionary

progress indicator and more (ask for new features in forum …)

Feel free to download software and dictionaries, start learning today!

The car runs on a water- innovation by RATAN TATA

Ratan Tata’s Water Car India

Ratan Tata is the chairman of TATA Sons, the key holding company of TATA Group. Ratan Tata is passionate about car and his this passion has motivated him to innovate world’s cheapest car – TATA NANO.

Now, this time Ratan Tata will come with a car running on water (H2O) Only. Well, yes. This is not a joke or some kind of rumour. But this is a truth.

Ratan Tata has already invested US $ 15 Million on the research for making a car running on water. The well known old theory is that Water is H2O which contains Hydrogen (Energy) and Oxygen (to blow that energy). If somehow we separate hydrogen and oxygen from the water than we can run a car with this.

According to the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the PM of India the method comes from the brain child of a popular professor and scientist belonging to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This professor is currently involved in splitting water straightly into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The news is that once the process gets into shape, Ratan Tata will be empowered to use the technology in his Tata Motors. The process can be made with any sort of water, the chairman added. Incidentally 2011 happens to be the International Year of Chemistry by the UN.

Domain buying tips

How To Buy a Domain Name For Your Internet Business in India?

Many people from all aroundIndiaask me this question. This is the Information age and many Indians want to start their own Internet Business but don’t know how to buy a domain name and why to buy a domain name?

What is Domain Name & Why to Buy a Domain Name?

Well, In Layman’s language, Domain Name is the virtual real estate of the Internet. In the real world, you need a real estate to start your own business. The same thing is true about the virtual world. Here you will need a virtual real estate known as a domain name to start your own business online.

How to Buy Domain Name in India?

Many People ask me this question very often. Well, in my opinion the one and only best website to buy your own domain name is bigrock.in or godaddy.com

But well, the only problem in Indian scenario is that, most of the people inIndiawho want to start their own internet business don’t have their own credit card and this prevents them to enter into the world of the internet businesses.

Well, GoDaddy is the international website and you will have to make all the payments via credit cards to these international sites. So better to have your own credit card or debit card.

Now, What if you don’t have credit card and can’t arrange a credit card of somebody else’s? Well, in that case you can go for Indian domain name services like,

01) Indiatimes Domains

2)  bigrock (coupon code: diplomaguru.in for 10 % discount)

3) Rediff Domains

Here you can pay via Cheque to their local Indian rupees and buy a domain name of your choice without paying via credit card. You can pay via cheque in Indian Rupees.

However, just keep in mind that the first choice should always be the international services like GoDaddy. Because they offer much more functionality than the Indian Domain names.i prefer bigrock to buy cheap .in domain just @ 99 rs. It really helps student for buying own domain and professional e-mail id.

book you train ticket online

irctc Login: Book Railway Tickets Online

As all of you know that I am very optimistic on the Information age and the technology. Now, the industrial age is over in India and the information age is started.

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 18 06.24

Recently, I have booked my railway ticket with IRCTC Login.

See the above screen shot. It is the IRCTC website and its login page. What you have to do is, sign-up and register with the website first. And all you need is the credit card or debit card having internet banking facility with ICICI, HDFC or any other major Indian Bank.

That’s it. No need to wait in the long queues. You can easily book tickets online from your home or from cyber cafe. After booking the ticket, you have to just print that ticket and produce your identity proof while travelling.

Recently, I have booked the ticket from Kolhapur to Solapur in Tatkal Quote in the morning 8:00 am. So no need to wake up early in the morning now and standing in the long queues for Tatkal ticket booking.

The Internet infrastructure is improving day by day in India and over the next decade, majority of India will be covered by the internet and thus, booking railway tickets online will be easy and convenient.

Right now, many people can’t use this service because of two things.

01) Lack of good internet speed

02) Lac of Credit cards / Internet Banking facility.

But I am sure that, as the internet and credit card penetration will increase in India, more and more people will start booking tickets online.


By: keyur Savaliya


 The Internet is changing the capitalism of world and of course India. This is because the internet penetration in India is increasing day by day connecting more and more people. Now, you will ask that how the internet is changing the capitalism of India? Well, this is because anybody from any age group can start his/her own business from the internet from any part of India and target the population of the entire world. Take the Example of this Blog. I started this blog in Navember 2011 from my home in Junagadh and after that since Nov 2011, I am running this business from Rajkot from my  room only. Right now I am in my  room and writing this article and educating people from all around the world about the internet businesses. While those people who will follow the industrial age principles will still have to finish their education before start earning money. With the help of the Internet, I can give job to anyone from any part of thee world. I can give a job to anyone for this blog even if he/she is in the college. Isn’t it great? Because of the internet now college going students can also find a job and make money even before finishing their college education. Than what is the need for such higher education? Students who follow the principles of industrial age will still have to complete their higher education before they start earning any money while students who follow the principles of information age have already started making lots of money by doing various types of online jobs and businesses. In fact, because of the internet even a high school going kid can also start his own business from his home or a school library without noticing by anyone. Isn’t it really great? In fact, today from all around the world, many teen agers became self-made millionaires because of their internet businesses even before leaving their high schools. This means that students who have followed the old age principles (Going to school, get good job, work hard, invest in mutual funds and pension plans and retire at the age of 65) proved fooled. So What I advise to the young generation that, the education system is no longer effective to ensure any kind of financial success in your life. Rather than that understand the internet and start your own online business as early as possible in your life. This is because there are enormous money making opportunities on the internet that can make you extremely rich in very young age of your life.with all this i am also doing job in engineering company in rajkot