free open source software

When we use various software in our PC or Laptop, we generally tend to use the free versions which are easily available on Internet.However, these are not the legal copies because software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop requires license to be used.Specially, if you own a small Business then it is required that you don’t use any unlicensed softwares. But one cannot look forward to buy Costly softwares for small business purpose as it would lead to a high investment.So here we are giving you some alternatives to some of the most-used softwares which are Open-source i.e. free to use. So here we go! Ubuntu : It is a free Linux based operating system which is free to use and share with others. It is really easy to use and also you can modify it, the way you wnat it. OpenOffice : This product can be a good alternative to MS-Office as it contains programs like spreadsheet, wordprocessor and more. It is almost similar to the Microsoft Office products so there won’t be any problem to use them. OpenProj : This is also a project management software by Serena Software. The best thing about them is that it works for windows, linux and unix operating systems. Its similar to Microsoft project. OrangeHRM : It is a free to use human resource related management software which can be deployed anywhere. GIMP : It is a photo-editor.It can be the best alternative for the Adobe photoshop. Clamwin : It is an open-source free antivirus program capable to run on all Windows platforms and updates are fast,free. So we hope that these really helps you!If you want open-source alternative to any software then Ask us by commenting below!