Start Your Own Customer store With BUILD BAZAAR For FREE

Wish to start your own e-commerce store but you have no funds to start up with? As an owner of E-commerce store, you require a full catalog of the products you are selling, and for it, you require the products which need lots of money. Moreover, a safe and decent payment gateway for easy access to your customers which also requires lot of money to have full fledged payment system and the third problem you will face is logistics. How can you provide cheaper items when logistics is itself costly?

There is a solution to all your above mentioned woes :  : A ” Create your own shop” venture from E-commerce giant Infibeam  which helps you create your own ecommerce portal and help you set up a complete online shop.

As to attract store owners, they are giving away 15 days of FREE trial and if you like it, you will have to upgrade to paid version, although the charges are very nominal. The Price table is as shown below:

 How your store will work?





Demo store we created to give a taste of Build A Bazaar:

Demo Picture #2: (back end)

Demo Picture #3: (Front end)


We like it! Start Selling:

Afterall it is managed by , the trust factor is strong! Your dream of opening an ecommerce store will fulfil with this initiative of

Whats more, you can even sell your OWN products with these stores.

Who are their clients:

Companies like Crossword use Infibeam – Build-a-bazaar to start their own e-commerce portal. So as i said earlier, trust factor is strong. Happy Selling!


visit my store: 


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