COFFEE Vending machine – 10 Good Reason To Own it.

Typical coffee vending machine used in offices
Coffee vending machines are a common site in offices these days. Why? Here are ten good reasons..

First, buyers recognise the savings that a coffee vending machine can bring from a reduction in spillage, measured dosing, reduced theft etc. Linked to this is the fact that coffee vending companies are driven to search out the best prices for consumables and to pass on the savings to their clients.

Second, the quality of the coffee machine has improved dramatically over the past five years. Gone are the days of constant breakdowns. New technology includes self-diagnostics, automatic cleaning and rinsing cycles, more durable components and greater circuit stability.

Third, the choice of beverages has increased as designers look to design compact machines with more cannisters to hold ingredients such as sugar, soluble coffee, milk, ceylon tea, hot chocolate, lemon tea and soup.

Fourth, the range of coffee vending machines is virtually limitless from small machines capable of making a coffee with powdered milk, through to large standing machines with 24 or more selection buttons. Within that range there are those that provide soluble coffee based beverages and those that offer fresh bean coffee. Milk can be powdered or even fresh. No limits.

Fifth, larger cannisters require less frequent filling and so the time and effort to run a coffee vending machine has been reduced dramatically. In addition, no consumables are left on tables to clutter the pause area or make it unsightly.

Sixth, the quality of drinks has improved as bean-to-cup technology has brought the coffee shop inside the machine. Consistency is part of a good coffee experience and these machines are now capable of delivering perfect brews each time you select a drink.

Seventh, employees are actually higher up the value chain than paper-clips, and so employers are seeing the need to make the office environment more inviting. Nothing works better than a great coffee machine to bring a smile to the staff and when you consider the time saved in getting a coffee, not only are the staff happy, but they are more efficient too.

Eighth, the coffee is always available – 24/7/365. So staff working late or coming in early need not wait for the tea-lady to arrive, nor rummage through cupboards for coffee powder or wait for the urn to boil. Better still, no-one has to make the filter coffee or get the blame for finishing the last drop and not making a re-fill pot.

Ninth, treating clients to a decent cup of coffee can do wonders for your customer relationship management focus, and let’s face it, what business doesn’t list customer satisfaction as a key goal?

Finally, the tenth reason to buy a coffee vending machine, is that you will not regret it! Ever wished you’d done something a lot sooner? You’ll have that thought when you enjoy the first cup on arrival at the office, or when you offer your clients a choice of cappuccino, hot chocolate, espresso etc and see their eyebrows rise in awe…


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