How to start your Own Classified sites

There are so many classified sites in India. You will find every week some new classified sites. I learned a lot by surfing on net. These days starting a classified site is very easy. It is as easy as starting a blog. There are some of open sources scripts available on the web. There are scripts that are partly free and partly paid. So starting a classified site is just easy for any people who have some knowledge of internet.

What and how?

(1) What I need to start a free classified site?
If you have a self hosted blog and hosted your website on Bluehost like web host you are good to go. If you have not one you can easily get one it is as cheap as Rs. 5000 for one year. You can register a new domain or you can create a sub domain for classified.

(2) Where I can get a free classified script?
There are some of the free classified script, you can install WordPress plugin that will convert your blog in to a classified site. Open_Classified site plugin for WordPress is popular. However the one I preferred  OSClass. OSClass is open source classified script. The script was developed with the aim to help start a classified site for free for anyone who wants one. And somehow aim is still motive.

(3) What is in OSClass?
It is continuously in development open source project getting a strong community support. There are some of the beautiful and scalable themes, you can easily modify them with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, FTP etc, if you have some knowledge of PHP then you can take part in development. You also can create your own themes. There are some of the very good plugin as you see in WordPress. You can modify plugin as well.

(3) How can I install OSClass script?
If you have some knowledge of database creation and knowledge of FTP it is easy for you but if you are facing some problem you can pay the script developers install it for you as low as $20 with a month’s premium support.

(4) How can I make my ad posting site differ?
You need some working knowledge of HTML, CSS and you make it different.


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