Free calls anywhere in world

Free calling is something which everyone wants these days as you call all yourfriends and family members free of cost. So today I am giving another awesome free calling trick through Evaphone I posted earlier one but this is new and first it was giving just 1 call per day but now they are giving 2 calls per day, so follow the below steps to see how it works.

Follow the below steps .:

2. Now right over here select your country and enter your friends number and click on the call button, now call will start connecting.
3. Now after 10 seconds your friend will get call with a random number purely unknown like below .:

Anonymous Unlimited Free Calls

4. Now this is the number from which I got the call from maybe you will get with the same number or it can be different.
5. So you can try this awesome free calling service and have fun anonymous fun with all your friends.
6. Now when your 2 free calls get over than simply change your IP Address and use other free calls so have fun calling free and anonymous.

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