Tips for saving Electricity @ home & office

If you ask me, ELECTRICITY, is best form energy. It is clean, can transfer over long distances very easily and many appliances can look towards same SWITCH BOARD for getting power.

But making this electricity is real mess. Major part of electricity is provided from Conventional Energy Sources like Thermoelectric and Nuclear Power Plants. They consume the valuable fossil fuels like Petroleum Oil, Coal and Nuclear fuels.

The problem with these fuels is

  • They are Limited and getting consumed at very hard rate.
  • They are Expensive and getting more and more expensive each day.
  • They are causing heavy harm to our environment.

And now the time to do something. We must do something for Saving this Lovely Environment.

Cool green picture showing windmills

Tips For Saving Electricity At Home:

  1. Keep lights, fans and other electric appliances OFF when not in use. Make a habit of putting things OFF when not using them.
  2. Just don’t put things like fan OFF when you are leaving room for 1 min or few seconds. Because, when you come back, you will hit ON button again. That will cause even more electricity for speeding up.
  3. Keep your electric appliances clean and smooth. e.g. clean the tubes and oil the fan. This can save some power also it can make your things work longer and safer.
  4. Get professional assistance when you install Air Conditioner for your house. Placing of condenser can improve the performance of your air conditioner.
  5. One thing I observed about fan is important. If ceiling is at higher height then we must increase the length of the rod of the fan. This can be a factor for saving electricity. Just make sure that don’t take it so down that somebody will get hurt their hand or something by meeting fan blades.
  6. Choose the appliances that are better than peers in saving electricity. Check out energy star rating. Look out web for reviews of the appliances you wish to buy.
  7. Plan your home well or get some good architect’s assistance so as to use natural light and air to its full extent.
  8. If you can afford, please look out for Solar Appliances and similar. This can make good difference.
  9. Somewhere over web I read this one, Shut your electric appliances OFF for half an hour each day, definitely, when not using it.
  10. Teach others to save electric power from your example. Don’t do it for money. Do it for this lovely environment. For sparrows, birds and wildlife. For your loved one’s.
  11. No mobile loves whole night charging. Always charge your mobile for the time it needs. Keeping charging overnight is no benefit but reduces the life of battery and also the battery life. Here you can follow the way my father uses. He gets up early in the morning. And plug his mobile for charging and then go for exercise. Until he finishes the exercise, the mobile is also charged and ready to work.
  12. Please put OFF the Switch when you have done your charging. There is no point in keeping your laptop or mobile charger plugged and switch ON. This is crap way of wasting such a marvelous power. Here is story, a relative of mine kept laptop charger plugged in and ON overnight. In the morning, charger was useless. Not for electricity but for your charger’s sake plug it OFF.
  13. Follow my way for laptop charging. I plug in when battery life remained is 15% and plug off when it meets the 100%. This is not only for electricity but also will be good for making your laptop battery live longer.
  14. Make sure your AC ducts are properly insulated and air is not leaking at undesirable spots.
  15. Keep some space on condenser side of refrigerator. If possible keep the condenser piping clean.
  16. If you use computers a lot, consider switching from Monitor to LCD or TFT or LED screens. I have heard that LED is most efficient these days.
  17. Producing white colors on screens is more energy consuming than black. You can save electricity and also your eyes by using dark color for background and faint color for text. To change your color preferences in Firefox, go to Tools -> Options -> Content -> Fonts and Colors -> Colors. Choose optimum colors for you.
  18. Don’t put hot things into refrigerator. Pure energy loss I can see there.
  19. Watch TV less. Read instead. And, don’t use that damn remote to put it off. Use Switch.
  20. I always loved dim light. Using dimmer is good idea. Because in this way you can set the intensity only to the level you want. Also, it looks pleasant.

Tips For Saving Electricity At Office:

  1. Make use of stairs as long as it is possible. We all know the added advantage, it is good for health.
  2. Use LED or LCD screens instead of monitors.
  3. Shut the computer down in evening when you are going home and obviously it will not be in any use. Also this applies for your Printer, Scanner, Xerox and other.
  4. Design your office to use natural light as more as possible. Using white curtains is helpful I guess.
  5. Set the AC according to the load of refrigeration. Turn the AC off in evening when not a lot of people are there in office.
  6. Use split AC than window air conditioner.
  7. 20 degree Celsius is pretty fine. No need to set AC for lower than 20.
  8. Go Solar and Wind.
  9. Get efficiently designed lifts. Not mere physically but also with Smart Software.
  10. Also, you can use smart system of lights. Like one I seen, when lift is empty and not used for some long time lights in lift get OFF automatically. And when they open for you, lights get ON again.
  11. Educate people. Nothing can happen without their positive consent. They must do it for making this environment live one day more and not for saving the electric bill of your office. (Because, nobody will do it for saving electric bill of office!)

So, this list can be and must be grow a lot longer.

Just keep in mind, Small decisions we make, every light we turn off, the ounce of electricity we save, is going to make this world a better place for living.

Also share this article with your friends to give your contribution in this campaign.


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