Tips for bike mileage improvement

  1. Run your bike in economy speed which is generally from 40 to 60 kmph.
  2. If you play computer games a lot then you must have heard the word, PERFECT SHIFT. Try to shift gears at optimum rpm. This is real good and effective.
  3. Higher gears(4th or 5th) consume lesser fuels at optimum speeds. Like, running at speed of 40-50 kmph on 2nd or 3rd gear is not good for mileage. Try go for 4th or 5th.
  4. Remove unnecessary dead weight from the bike. But UNNECESSARY only. So, don’t look at saree guard immediately, there could be something else.
  5. Don’t keep the breaks too tight. This loads up the engine. Also, break shoe wear out earlier and fuel consumption increases.
  6. Keep tyre air pressure to optimum rather as specified by manufacturer. If you put it down you get better grip on road but mileage drops. And, if you fill in more then friction and grip loosens. Also, tyre may get damaged in some situations like summer. Safety First My Friend! Keep it Optimum.
  7. Service your bike at regular intervals. After 2000 to 3000 km works good for me.
  8. Changing oil is also important. Change the engine oil after 2000 km or as specified by and recommended by manufacturer.
  9. If your bike is new, don’t ride it above the speeds of 55 to 60.
  10. Kick start the engine, when engine is cold. This keeps the engine healthy as well as your starter kit lives longer.
  11. After starting up from cold, try to run your bike in economy speed for few kilometers, say 3-4km.
  12. While starting up from cool engine, idling for small time can be good idea. This lets oil splashed over all the parts and better lubrication and cooling is achieved.
  13. Go for good petrol pumps. Also, somewhere I read over web, try to fill in morning time. I don’t know the reason(If You know, Please!)
  14. Get your carburetor tuned from good mechanic. But make sure your Bike’s Doctor(Mechanic) is expert and knows what he is doing!
  15. Loose chain can reduce performance. So, keep it to optimum. Clean and lubricate various parts like chain at some interval.
  16. Observe yourself driving! Improve your handling. Many of us have habits like driving with little break pressed, using clutch and changing gears too frequently, speeding up from zero very fast etc. Spot and eliminate such habits.
  17. Many people don’t shut the engine OFF even on 90 or 120 second signals. This is pure wastage! If you are going to stop on signal for more than 15 seconds turn the engine OFF. Most of the bikes and scooters, these days, have very good quality starter kit. I don’t understand why people hesitate to put engine OFF on signal. Tell them too!
  18. Keep your eye on bike mileage. Not very strict but keep this in mind. So, you will observe some patterns. Also, if you spot some instant drop in mileage, you can look out for the reason. That could be some leakage in the petrol pipes or inaccurate meters at petrol pumps. Next time you can avoid that pump by doing this.
  19. Try to use your bike single handed.
  20. Always remember, you are not Saving Fuel for Money. It’s for healthy environment, for greenery, for wild, for your loved one’s.

Thanks for going through entire article.


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