How to write a CV

when you apply for a part-time or full time-job,normally employer ask you for a cv and documents like your photo-id proof,passport and resident proof or a refrence,in which cv is most required document.

Modern CVs are normally described as ‘Ability Based’. In other words, employers are primarily interested in your skills and achievements. They want to know what you can do and what you can offer to the organisation in question. Your qualifications and employment record matter, as they are evidence of your ‘track record’, but they are normally of secondary importance.

you never got a second chance to show your first that think twice before you write your cv,also take advices from expert or friend circle to improve your cv.

There are lots of element working behind your cv.most common are following,which is known as 4CS

  • Content: What to include.
  • Clarity: Make it easy to read.
  • Concise: Stick to the point.
  • Correct: Check for errors.

1)C0NTENT:most CVs these days are ‘Ability Based’. For more details read our guide to the different types of CV, and in particular the FUNCTIONAL CV.







Contact details


Your CV needs to look clean and crisp and must be well presented and easy to read. For further information, read our article on “Your CV layout”, which specifies exactly how the above can be achieved.


Perhaps that last sentence should be changed to ‘keep it short and simple.’ Say what you have to say as quickly and crisply as possible. Under ‘Achievements’ (see below), for example try and express each one in a single sentence, preferably on a single line.

4) Correct:

always check for errors.if you give it to others for check then you can easily find out errors.



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