Dressing tips for interview

Wear clothing that indicates you are ready to go to work today.
Men and Women
 All clothes should be neatly pressed.
 Conservative two-piece business suite (solid dark blue or gray is best)
 Conservative long-sleeved shirt/blouse (white is best, pastel is next best)
 Clean, polished, conservative shoes
 Clean and well-groomed hairstyle
 Clean, trimmed fingernails
 Minimal cologne or perfume
 Empty pockets – no noisy coins
 No gum, candy or cigarettes

Dressing for the Interview Men

 Necktie should be silk with a conservative pattern
 Dark shoes (black lace-ups are best); clean and polished
 Dark socks (black is best)
 Short hair always fairs best in interviews
 No beards – mustaches are acceptable (keep neat and trimmed)
 No earrings
 No heavy cologne







Dressing for the Interview Women

 Always wear a suit with a jacket; or a sheath dress with a jacket
 Do not wear extremely high-heeled or platform shoes
 Do not wear open-toe shoes or mules (they are more casual)
 Conservative hosiery at or near skin color (and no runs!)
 If you wear nail polish (not required), use clear or a conservative color
 One set of earrings only
 Conservative makeup
 No heavy perfume
 No heavy cologne


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