The car runs on a water- innovation by RATAN TATA

Ratan Tata’s Water Car India

Ratan Tata is the chairman of TATA Sons, the key holding company of TATA Group. Ratan Tata is passionate about car and his this passion has motivated him to innovate world’s cheapest car – TATA NANO.

Now, this time Ratan Tata will come with a car running on water (H2O) Only. Well, yes. This is not a joke or some kind of rumour. But this is a truth.

Ratan Tata has already invested US $ 15 Million on the research for making a car running on water. The well known old theory is that Water is H2O which contains Hydrogen (Energy) and Oxygen (to blow that energy). If somehow we separate hydrogen and oxygen from the water than we can run a car with this.

According to the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the PM of India the method comes from the brain child of a popular professor and scientist belonging to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This professor is currently involved in splitting water straightly into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The news is that once the process gets into shape, Ratan Tata will be empowered to use the technology in his Tata Motors. The process can be made with any sort of water, the chairman added. Incidentally 2011 happens to be the International Year of Chemistry by the UN.


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