The Internet is changing the capitalism of world and of course India. This is because the internet penetration in India is increasing day by day connecting more and more people. Now, you will ask that how the internet is changing the capitalism of India? Well, this is because anybody from any age group can start his/her own business from the internet from any part of India and target the population of the entire world. Take the Example of this Blog. I started this blog in Navember 2011 from my home in Junagadh and after that since Nov 2011, I am running this business from Rajkot from my  room only. Right now I am in my  room and writing this article and educating people from all around the world about the internet businesses. While those people who will follow the industrial age principles will still have to finish their education before start earning money. With the help of the Internet, I can give job to anyone from any part of thee world. I can give a job to anyone for this blog even if he/she is in the college. Isn’t it great? Because of the internet now college going students can also find a job and make money even before finishing their college education. Than what is the need for such higher education? Students who follow the principles of industrial age will still have to complete their higher education before they start earning any money while students who follow the principles of information age have already started making lots of money by doing various types of online jobs and businesses. In fact, because of the internet even a high school going kid can also start his own business from his home or a school library without noticing by anyone. Isn’t it really great? In fact, today from all around the world, many teen agers became self-made millionaires because of their internet businesses even before leaving their high schools. This means that students who have followed the old age principles (Going to school, get good job, work hard, invest in mutual funds and pension plans and retire at the age of 65) proved fooled. So What I advise to the young generation that, the education system is no longer effective to ensure any kind of financial success in your life. Rather than that understand the internet and start your own online business as early as possible in your life. This is because there are enormous money making opportunities on the internet that can make you extremely rich in very young age of your life.with all this i am also doing job in engineering company in rajkot


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