Domain buying tips

How To Buy a Domain Name For Your Internet Business in India?

Many people from all aroundIndiaask me this question. This is the Information age and many Indians want to start their own Internet Business but don’t know how to buy a domain name and why to buy a domain name?

What is Domain Name & Why to Buy a Domain Name?

Well, In Layman’s language, Domain Name is the virtual real estate of the Internet. In the real world, you need a real estate to start your own business. The same thing is true about the virtual world. Here you will need a virtual real estate known as a domain name to start your own business online.

How to Buy Domain Name in India?

Many People ask me this question very often. Well, in my opinion the one and only best website to buy your own domain name is or

But well, the only problem in Indian scenario is that, most of the people inIndiawho want to start their own internet business don’t have their own credit card and this prevents them to enter into the world of the internet businesses.

Well, GoDaddy is the international website and you will have to make all the payments via credit cards to these international sites. So better to have your own credit card or debit card.

Now, What if you don’t have credit card and can’t arrange a credit card of somebody else’s? Well, in that case you can go for Indian domain name services like,

01) Indiatimes Domains

2)  bigrock (coupon code: for 10 % discount)

3) Rediff Domains

Here you can pay via Cheque to their local Indian rupees and buy a domain name of your choice without paying via credit card. You can pay via cheque in Indian Rupees.

However, just keep in mind that the first choice should always be the international services like GoDaddy. Because they offer much more functionality than the Indian Domain names.i prefer bigrock to buy cheap .in domain just @ 99 rs. It really helps student for buying own domain and professional e-mail id.


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  1. I really appreciate this article because it gives me more idea on what to do before getting domains. You can purchased domains from different sources as long as they are reliable and has the list of high standard aged domains. I recently got mine from


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