The seven web enterpreneurs – on how to make money online

//  Saameer Mody,40

Location: Mumbai

Company: 1takemedia

YouTube Channel:

Business: Distribution of “alternate content” ie.

short films, documentaries, indie films, etc

Started in : 2006; Joined YouTube: 2008

Before Google: Less than 1,500 viewers a day

After Google: 14 million views, adding 50,000 views a day

Service Used: YouTube Partner Programme

Money Matters: Rs 9,460 a day

Google Gyan: “Being online doesn’t get traffic. You have to network offline. We are present at all film festivals, take part in seminars and connect via social media”

Rishi Sachdev,27

Location: Yamuna Nagar

Company: Aryan Florist


Business: Worldwide flower and gift delivery

Started in: 2004

After Google: 30-fold increase in order volumes

Service Used: AdWords

Money Matters: Rs 46,000 a day

Google Gyan: “Google should keep an eye on clicks from network partners to ensure that they are not spamming to generate more business for themselves. Once you have established your credentials channelise towards search engine optimisation. The idea is to feature on the first page of Google for key search words”

// MR Hari,47

Location: Thiruvananthapuram

Company: Invis Multimedia// // // // // // //

YouTube Channel:

Started in: 1996; Joined YouTube: 2008

Before Google: Less than 1,000 views a day

After Google: 50,000 views a day

Service Used: YouTube Partner Programme Money Matters: Earned Rs 25 lakh last year from YouTube alone

Google Gyan : “Google should update their view meter. Their counter for measuring views is not reliable. In certain cases, we knowthat the video has been watched by more than 1 lakh people but the counter shows 10,000. Using YouTube as the host server you save on bandwidth, server and security cost. Secondly, it rids you of all technical hurdles and saves manpower”

Amit Agarwal,34

Location: Agra

Company: Digital Inspiration


After Google: 4.5 million views a month and 1,25,000 subscribers

Service Used: Google Adsense, YouTube Partner Programme

Money Matters: Few crores per year

Google Gyan: “One area where Google can improve is “support.” The premium AdSense partners do have dedicated account managers but the smaller publishers can only reach Google by email or though online forums. Also the YPP is still relatively new. Google can help in the training area so that the quality of produced content can get better. They do have initiatives like YouTube Next in theUS – maybe they can introduce something similar here”

Raju, 29

Location: Bangalore

Company: Techpp


Business: Personal & consumer tech blog Started in: 2007

After Google: 2 million views a month, with 1.23 million unique users

Service Used: AdSense

Money Matters: Rs 4,60,000 a month*

Google Gyan: “You have to scale the blog to stay topical. Extend your coverage area”

// Hitendra Merchant, 39

Location: Mumbai

Company: YoBoHo

New Media; YouTube Channel:,,,, anandayoga,,

Business: Video content on entertainment, health, cooking, children, etc

Started in: 2008

Before Google: 30,000 views

After Google : More than 2 million video views per day across 30 channels

Service Used: YouTube Partner Programme

Money Matters: Approx Rs 30 lakh a month*

Google Gyan: “You’d be surprised as to what can get you more traffic online. For instance, a nursery rhyme gets us our maximum hits at 50,000 a day”

Amit Bhawani,27

Location: Hyderabad

Company: Digital

World Solutions

Website: (tech blog), (gadget blog), (Android blog), (health blog), (auto blog), (city blog)

Business: Websites and blogs on technology,health, automobiles, city info

Started in: 2006

After Google: 1.2 million views per day

Service Used: AdSense

Money Matters: Rs 1.2 crore last year

Google Gyan: “Start with a generic brand name even if your blog is a personal blog. It’s difficult to pitch a personalised blog (with your name) as a viable business brand to get advertisers in the future. Never under estimate the power of your social connections and start sharing your blog content with them which can go viral and help you reach a broader audience”


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